Scandinavian Search Engine Optimization.

In Scandinavia there is large difference in how Search Engine Optimization is made. Some providers do only link building, others do writing of content (Content marketing).

Our firm belief is that every customer is different and has different needs. It is not about being on the keyword that has the most generic name, it is about getting as close to the needed customer type as possible. If your offering is about getting the customer to register for a product to try out before going on a monthly contract, then it differs from the customer who is looking for a price quotation.

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What makes Buy From Internet different?

Other SEO companies understand SEO; we know SEO and Sales together and… KNOW how to combine them and make sure you get a positive ROI!

Knowledge is the key to good SEO techniques.

Every customer expectation is different. Some fields require market research and we do it also through reliable partners. Everything is done to make sure that we are covering the buying pattern of your customer group. With the learned SEO techniques combined with the knowledge of where customers go to find the solution you provide gives us a cutting edge for your SEO projects.

E-commerce does not scare us.

E-commerce sites can sometimes be a “pain” to make a good SEO plan for. In 80% of the cases E-commerce sites can make problems for the SEO consultant. Duplicated content and other errors make E-commerce something that can scare the SEO firms. With that scare it will also make the common supplier make a high price for SEO work.

We are different, we have the same hourly contract rate for E-commerce as other SEO projects.

Short on time? We also do Content Writing!

Content Writing or Ghost Writing is one of the must have services in your Online Business. Web content is used not only to attract more customers, it is also made for growing your site’s reputation against Search Engines. However, putting SEO aside, you need to write about current events and what is happening in your company. If you do not write anything, then your site is slowly getting less and less important to the search engines.

When getting your message out, there is a couple of rules that are known to the public from Search Engines like Google, but far from everything. Our Ghost Writers that preform Content Writing have been writing content for many years. When telling a story or getting the correct sales pitch, it is very important that you get the full understanding of the purpose, whom the content is aimed to. It is something mostly missing in many stories. The most common mistake is forgetting to make sure your text is no so bureaucratic, that the person who reads it will be put off without completing the point of action, which was meant to do.

Make sure the point of action is clear with the right Content Writing.

When we write content, we always make it clear, what do you, the owner, want to achieve by writing the text. Is it getting the customer to connect with you about your service? Is it making sure the message is clear enough, so that people who make orders are fully aware of the cons of the problem without its impact on the sales?

Well, we know that we can make your content writing into the content that is worth linking to and makes people to contact you. Content Writing is also included into our Sales Websites Service, where we will help you get your Sales Pipeline to grow.

Sales Websites

With the help of our dedicated team at Buy From Internet you will get a website that is made for one purpose: to generate Sales for you. The website will provide good Quality Content and help Search Engines to understand what your site is all about. Normally it cannot be achieved when you are building your own website. Our Sales Websites are aimed to turn your business quotations or online sales into a Service the Sales Website is made for.

We have a stream lined process where we will do:

1. Sales Planning.
2. Content Writing.
3. SEO Plans.
4. Ongoing Search Engine Checks and Adjustments.

Other service is of course available, just contact us at Buy From Internet.

What makes Buy From Internet different?

Other SEO companies understand SEO; we know SEO and Sales together and… KNOW how to combine them and make sure you get a positive ROI!

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