E-mail Hosting made better, easier and a lot more effective.

E-mail hosting is much more than just a folder full of emails. E-mail hosting is about getting a private and secure hosting for all your emails. But a regular E-mail hosting included with traditional web hosting does not give you the flexibility that you need for your employees.

Shared E-mail Hosting

We have 2 solutions for you to decide between. Shared e-mail hosting is a safe platform where we at Buy From Internet provide you with the email accounts you want in your own domain.

or Dedicated E-mail Hosting.

Dedicated E-mail Hosting provides you with your own E-mail Hosting Server where only you use the IP. No other customer can send any emails from the same set of IPs.

Both environments are perfect for your e-mail hosting needs. You choose your best fit.

See our prices and sign up directly.

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What makes Buy From Internet different?

We know that emails coming into the SPAM folder are not read. If the emails are not read then the business is not getting done. If the business is not getting done, you need to get Buy From Internet E-mail Hosting.

Fast loading E-mail Hosting Servers.

Our Servers are not busy serving websites. Our E-mail Hosting is used only for just that, sending and receiving E-mails. With E-mail Hosting you get a much more stable environment and as a big difference between our E-mail Hosting and traditional web hosting, our servers are there getting the job done and not going down when your websites need to be moved.

Dedicated E-mail Hosting or Shared E-mail Hosting.

Pay per e-mail account or rent a whole server for your business. With per e-mail account you get a low flat rate E-mail hosting and we do all the configuration for you. With the dedicated E-mail hosting product, you can set up or remove accounts yourself instantly and have full administrative access. Besides the administration access, the system can also be branded with your logo and colours.

DKIM and Expanded Security.

With security functions like DKIM, TLS/SSL login security and SPAM fighting filters you get a safe and easy to administer E-mail hosting environment that is more productive than any other hosting package on the market.

Order your new E-mail hosting today.

We also provide service for migrating the existing emails to your new space for a minor fee. You do not need to order help right now, you can do it when your new E-mail Hosting is set up.

E-mail Hosting - Small

5€ / user / month
24/7/365 Monitoring
Priority Support
5 GB Storage / User
Squirrelmail/Sogo E-mail/IMAP/POP3/TLS

E-mail Hosting - Medium

9€ / user / month
24/7/365 Monitoring
Priority Support
10 GB Storage / User
Squirrelmail/Sogo E-mail/IMAP/POP3/TLS

Dedicated E-mail Hosting - Starter

390 € / month
24/7/365 Monitoring
2 vCores, 8GB Memory
200 GB Hard drive, Dedicated IP
Unlimited Users
Multiple Domain names.

Dedicated E-mail Hosting - Medium

690 € / month
24/7/365 Monitoring
4 vCores, 16GB Memory
400 GB Hard drive, Dedicated IP
Unlimited Users
Multiple Domain names.

We do backups every 24 hours.

Installation and Support included for free.
If you want to go from shared to dedicated we will migrate your accounts for free.