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SEO Hosting

When a site loads quickly in Google’s tests during the visits of search bot, then it will have an advantage over ones that are much slower. This is a common sense in real life: if you have 2 stores and one of them has a very slow clerk, when you want to see an example of a merchandise, you will pick the other one, if no other factors are in the mix.

We can host your website in Canada, Central Europe, Scandinavia or Asia.

Web Hosting

Software Development

More than 25 years combined experience within Programming and integrations make Buy From Internet your one-stop shop for program-related projects. We make sure that you get maximum functionality out of your project budget. Asking us for price quotation today will help you save on your product costs.

With us there is no cheap labor, where you pay overhead costs for the learning of other people. We invoice only for production, not learning.

Software Development


In Scandinavia there is large difference in how Search Engine Optimization is made. Some providers do only link building, others do writing of content (Content marketing).

Our firm belief is that every customer is different and has different needs. It is not about being on the keyword that has the most generic name, it is about getting as close to the needed customer type as possible. If your offering is about getting the customer to register for a product to try out before going on a monthly contract, then it differs from the customer who is looking for a price quotation.


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